Shepherd’s Pie (aka Cottage Pie) – hearty and rich flavor

A nice treat on a cold day!

So, we call it Shepherd’s Pie…..but it’s Cottage Pie

What’s the difference you say? Cottage Pie is made with ground beef, technically Shepherd’s Pie is with ground lamb. We’re not that fancy around these parts. 🙂

I usually go with the Food Network recipe here:

And use the “cheater” mashed potatoes that are premade from the store. I’ve got one kid who really hates mashed potatoes (or all potato except French fries for that matter….) so I don’t bother all the steps and go the easy route. Plus I could never bring myself to add as much salt as needed to get that amazing and creamy flavor that makes the premade ones so delicious. I also like carrots in mine, so I vary between buying the frozen peas and carrots mix versus chopping my carrots up and cooking them after the meat is browned. You do what works best for you.


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