New Year – New Plan

With the year about to tick over into 2022, it was time to regroup on our meal planning. JOIN US!

We are working on going through our pantry to keep from wasting food from passing the best buy date and also in light of rising food costs. I’m not ready to a true “pantry challenge” but since we purchased our 1/4 cow–I had a good idea of what was in our freezer and needing to be used.

I’ll include our menu plan for the month next post and share the FREE calendar printable for January 2022 that you can use to fill in your own meal planning.

Our January 2022 Meal Plan! #kingfamilycreates ….dinner!

The link will take you to the Canva site that I used to create this meal plan. You can access this without any log in required. There you will be able to click the linked recipes to make these meals on your own.

If you feel inclined to try Canva out for yourself to make simple and fun digital media, please use my referral code!

And now, what you’ve been waiting for— YOUR free January 2022 calendar printable to help get your year started out well with your own meal plan.

Thanks for sticking with me!



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